Brand Story

Tracking back thousand years of Chinese history, tea was found by Shen Nong Family after tasting hundreds kinds of herbs. Starting from Lu Yu, the Tea God, varieties of tea drinks were developed through Tang, Sung, Yuan and Ming Dynasties. Up till today in Taiwan, drinking tea does not simply quench peoples’ thirst. It is rather a cultural statement that expresses a healthy and tasteful life style.

The touch of warm humanity and the moderate way of making tea in the practice of tea master have made Tea Top the most humane and professional tea brand in the business.

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea and Alpine Green Tea are top selective teas which are refreshing and mild in taste.
Sugar Cane Alpine Green Tea and Lemon Alpine Green Tea are house special of joyful zest.
Pearl Milk Tea w Taro Rice Balls and Pearl Milk Tea w Red Beans contain layers of various textures which add multiple sensation of enjoyment.

Tea Top carries out periodical self-examination. All products meet SGS inspection standards. Each bulk of tea leaves is inspected by the green shield labs which are commissioned by the Council of Agriculture to ensure there’s no exceeding residue of pesticide.

Tea Top makes great effort on maintaining quality services. We attained National GSP Certification of Gold service for seven consecutive years. We believe that it takes sincere industrial peasants, passionate outstanding tea makers and well trained skillful hands to serve a cup of good tea.

The first tea seed of Chang Shun was sown in Nantou by Huang Yang,
farmer of the first generation. (Huang is the father of Wen Shu Yang)

Chang Shun Tea Co. Ltd.  was founded in Nantou, Taiwan. It was the
sole tea factory that owned triple certification.
(The ISO, HACCP, GSP excellent service store)

The healthy tea beverage chain, Tea Top was founded and has reached
up to 102 chain stores and 16 branch outlets so far.

In the past years, Chang Shun Tea Company won a total of 24 times
Grand Prize, the highest honor of tea competitions held by Lugu Township,
Mingjian Township Farmers’ Association and Tea Businessmen’s Association
of Nantou County. Tea Struck, Selected Natural Taiwan Oolong Tea was
founded. It soon took position in many department stores. There were 13
booths setup in Jing Wei Bookstores of our Taiwan high speed rail distributing
channel. Also, 6 Chang Shun Tea representative agencies were established in
Si Chuan Province of China.

Finger Tea Storyland of Tea Top was introduced. The number of visitors the
first year reached up to 300,000 people. It has become a popular tourist attraction.
The Storyland opened up a brand new page for the Taiwanese tea industry.

Tea Top branched out overseas; and, successfully accredited brand agency in
North California State of the USA.