Alpine Green Tea

Characteristic mellow tea aroma fitting milk flavor becomes the most popular tea
worldwide. That’s how addicted people are crazy about it. It’s not we keep secret but
you’ll understand it after tasting.
Sweeping across your taste bud seems like marijuana used for drinking.


Milk Foam Oolong Tea

One more dense and mellow layer adds a vision effect of gradation, making your 3D
printed photo on the foam also feel this wonderful cup of tea.
Taking a sip of milk foam tea together with your smile is the most perfect
combination of this drink.
The perfect arrangement in a milk foam series is like your smile after just tasting the


Passion Green Tea Medley

Fragrant and sweet fruit mixed with fresh green tea is our trick to conquer your taste
bud. Fruit variants coming with coconut flavor and tapioca pearls sweeping
throughout the world bring us unforgettable feeling.
Exclusive tea medley blended into an excellent match serves both chewing and
cheerfulness for your mouth feels.


Taro Milk Tea wish Sago



Earl Grey Milk Tea w/ 3Q



Mung Beans Milk Slushy

Sweltering heat vs cool milk slushy will freeze your cool sense to face a hot summer,
allowing you not necessarily to escape from the sun.
Take a big sip of tasty and refreshing milk slushy to drive away testiness. This Milk
Slushy series is your summer ice cream.