Join Us

  • Team Advantages
  • Many professionals with various expertise
  • The only one in the business to own professional tea graders and examiners
  • Innovative R&D team
  • The only one in the business that owns a tea story museum, Finger Tea Storyland.
  • Cost Advantage
  • Supplied by self-owned Chang Shun Tea Co. Ltd. so that cost is significantly reduced
  • R&D Advantage
  • Emphasize on innovations .We are the sole and first to introduce Alpine Green Tea, Cold Steeped Green Tea, Pearl milk Tea with Taro Rice Balls, and Alpine Green Milk Tea.
  • Factory- based Advantage
  • We have our own tea fields and factory. We also have 50 exclusive agencies in Taiwan and 147 in China.
  • Pioneer in Tea Business
  • Finger Tea Storyland, the first tea story museum and open house tea factory for tourists
  • Sensational hands on pearl milk tea house
  • Franchisee Qualifications
  • ◎Must be determined to manage and operate the business
    ◎Must be willing to learn new business concepts and attend a 24-day training program
    ◎Must be a married couple or two relatives to operate the business full time
    ◎Must have good credibility and entrepreneur’s ambition
    ◎Must have a self-owned store location or a rental lease of at least 2 years
    ◎Must be interested in the preparation of tea beverages and business management
    ◎We also welcome and offer special discount to people currently engaged in the same field or franchisees of other chains
  • Number of Employees
  • We suggest a number of 3 to 8 people to work in the store depending on the operational situations, size of the store and plan of effectiveness.
  • Contract Period
  • 2 years
  • Headquarters’ Services to Franchisees
  • 1.A 24-day training program
    ◎Daily preparation and operation on opening and closing the store
    ◎Barkeep and kitchen operation
    ◎Inventory management of raw material and ingredients
    ◎Management of cost control
    ◎Management of customer development
    ◎Maintenance of machine equipment
  • 2.Assessment of business zone
    We will evaluate location and commercial conditions prior to opening up a store
  • 3.Store construction and planning of smooth operation
  • 4.Supply of raw material and ingredients
    Tea Top owns a comprehensive supply chain which is based on our own Chang Shun Tea Co. Ltd.. We help our franchise owners saving shopping time by providing exclusive delivery and supply services.
  • 5.Marketing Events
    Tea Top plans seasonal and festival marketing events to help franchise owners free of worrying about organizing these time-consuming tasks. In turn, they can keep steady streams of customers and raise the sales profit.
  • 6.Professional supervisors may visit franchise owners irregularly for offering business support and sharing experience of success.
  • Design / Construction & Equipment
  • ◎Space Design
    Provide store design and construction work of a space within 540 sq.ft
  • ◎Space Design
    .ice maker .top sealer .quantity controller for fructose syrup .slush maker .POS cash register system
  • ◎Utensils
    .thermal containers .shaking cups .stainless steel pots .measuring cups .timer .scale
  • Opening Publicity
    .opening flyers / DM .menu order sheets .store cards .store capitan’s cards .campaign bands / flags .product POP posters
  • Training & Passing on Techniques
    ◎Hands on Lessons: There’s a 24 day training program including study sessions and on site operation internship.
    ◎A professional advisor will be allocated to assist and coach on store operation, trial sale and grand opening day for a 5 day period.
    ◎Documents: Variety of managerial hand books and info directory of Tea Top business will be given.
    ◎Constant managerial advising services are available during business operation

  • Authorization of the use of Tea Top brand name
  • (All terms will be specified based mainly on the actual contract.)