TEA TOP history

From Nantou Mingchien, the hometown of tea, Yang Huang planted the first seed in 1901



The "Chang Shun Tea Shop" in 1907 has been going on for a hundred year. After a hundred year of accumulation, meaningful tea making technology and unchanged original intention make tea no longer the only tea flavor out of the heart, so as to be tempted to carefully guard the taste of each leaf, be carefully refined into amber tea soup. A long time of persistence is just to let people taste good tea

#A hundred year of improvement for only offering good tea



Japan Trade License


“Japan Trade License” from Japanese imperial order
Chang Shun, a hundred year-old shop in its enjoyment of good fortune was founded in 1907. In 1901,Yang Huang, the first generation of tea farmer sowed Chang Shun’s first tea seed in his own tea gardens in Sungpo Mountain. Under the belief of making the best tea, Chang Shun has developed its century-old ambition of making tea with love.


The first and second generations

Farming children generation after generation for a hundred year endure great hardships in pioneer work, walking through the hometown tea garden, reading countless stories of tea township, and thanksgiving to preserve the culture in tea language. Feeling the mission of extending the art of "Taiwan tea", we adhere to the century-old method of making tea, inject modern business philosophy into the century-old tea industry, and integrate tea production, processing and sales.

 President and his grandfather by the founder, Yang, Kuo-Chen


Thanks my grandpa, I have never forgotten the words he held my hand in the tea garden. My grandpa said that when I was young, I wanted to make tea in my own way. As a result, I accidentally broke my fingers. The tea made after I broke my fingers was the best tea in his life, said grandpa, and was also the most painful tea for his whole life.