Strictly selected ingredients

Since its establishment at the hometown of tea in 2006, "TEATOP-Top Tea" comes from the tea art family with a hundred year of heritage. It originated from Chang Shun Tea Shop is the top company for making tea with teapot in Taiwan. In order to overturn the traditional tea-based drink in those years, it didn’t hesitate to share the “High Mountain Green Tea” always at a thousand NT dollars per 600g with customers, which is not a small investment but TEATOP’s constant persistence.
  • Strictly selected fruits

    The fresh fruits naturally matured with red on tree were sent into the clean room and frozen rapidly with the cold technology of -196℃ to retain the sweetness of the fruits. The whole process of low-temperature is adopted in distribution, so that consumers can enjoy the freshest fruits anytime and anywhere.

    Strictly selected fruits
  • Strictly selected pearls

    Pearls are freshly cooked by hand every day. The pearls with the most appropriate sweetness and chewy only can be produced after three hours of boiling, steaming and soaking in sugar water.

    Strictly selected pearls
  • Strictly selected tea leaves

    “High Mountain Green Tea Craftsman” Single-minded tea making, First-class tea
    “Green tea” is the basic tea type of bubble tea shop in Taiwan. Mellow taste of TEATOP High Mountain Green Tea in the basic tea type can be reflected different from that of other brands.

    Strictly selected tea leaves

Raw material inspection report

Tea leaves in every season and other raw materials are regularly inspected by a third party impartial inspection body to ensure that the food ingredients meet the food hygiene and safety standards announced by the Health and Welfare Department.