TEA TOP spirit

Good taste from generation to generation, “TEATOP” sticks to give you the best.

# Inheritance of tea art culture
A closer look at the disappearance of tea art culture, hope “Finger Tea” to carry on the culture of tea art in the mission.

#A hundred-year old inheritance is only for a cup of persistence

The tea art family with a hundred year of heritage will put adherence to quality in the bubble tea of every guest’s hand.

#Fool spirit
『憨』is made up of “heart” and “courage”, i.e. make dream come true with courage.
Turn your passion for tea into action and promote tea culture step by step.
We believe that good tea is worth seen by more people, and a simple cup of tea can contain remarkable and solid foundation of knowledge.

# Good tea that conveys warm feelings
A cup of
good tea to share for a moment is the philosophy and self-restraint of tea since ancient times, and TEATOP even represents to tell affectionately and convey human feelings with passion and persistence that every cup of tea will do the best at human warmth and a hundred-year old abundant culture into every cup of bubble tea.




With our warm orange color as the symbol, every cup of TEA TOP will have our strong intention and share with you the simplicity of tea drinking.
While sipping, it's time to share your favorite thing with your favorite person. TEA TOP is not just a cup of good tea, but also a full of minds.