#One-tip, two-leaf; trace to the same origin.

Original intention / profession / startups

  • Original intention

    From the first seed planted, vowing and praying, we would like to offer you our tea with the most sincere intention, slowly accumulated in the process, just to let people taste the good flavor of tea and culture.


    Professional tea factory in the combination of ancient method and science and technology leaves sincere and traditional good taste.
    We have retained the two professional checks of tea master and tea taster, and specially set up our inspection room, through the double checks of the technological inspection and the taste experience of the old master for many years, as well as the solid and steady educational training of the direct-sale store.

    Start a business

    “Tea” is our core competence, with professional quality control room and R&D capability, and won the "the king of winter tea" and "special prize. By hundred-year Chang Shun delivery to the hands of TEA TOP, let every young people through the "TEA TOP Top Tea" as your most powerful entrepreneurial backing complete the dream of earning a good income.


    Franchising Advantage

    • Centennial Enterprise

      With our own tea garden and tea factory and professional tea brewing technology, we taste the seasonal and the changing taste of tea to adjust the brewing time and temperature, so that each cup of tea has a stable quality, through the SGS test every year to ensure the lowest purchase cost.

      Centennial Enterprise
    • Finger&Tea

      "Bring Taiwan tea to the world" is Chang Shun's century-old business philosophy, through the establishment of "the Story about Finger Tea", and reflects Taiwan's unique kindness and human to show the generous affection of fatherhood heritage, as well as Taiwan's traditional tea ceremony culture and pioneering spirit.

    • Marketing & Advertising Plan

      TEA TOP exclusive brand team, based on the brand image to create online and offline activities, combined with the popular IP co-branding to create topics, make the brand more close to the customer group.

      Marketing & Advertising Plan
    • Media & News Expose

      Professional brand team creates buzz and expose media opportunities to spare no effort to promote “TEA TOP, Top Tea”.

      Media & News Expose
    • R & D team

      With regular research and development of products, market survey forecast trend keeping up with the market trend, R&D of exclusive innovative drinks, consumers continue to have a sense of freshness and new customers will be brought in.

      R & D team
    • Online Payment Integration

      According to Institute for Information Industry’s MIC survey, consumers' dependence and preference for e-payments are on the rise, which consumers are convenient to buy and bosses are easy to reconcile accounts.

      Online Payment Integration
    • Order Managing System

      Exclusive TEA TOP logistics distribution to stores is uniformly arranged by the headquarters, fast delivery without messing up.

      Order Managing System
    • Logistic & Delivery System

      Weekly distribution for sales items and marketing publications; distribution twice a week for low-temperature refrigeration special car; raw materials are fully furnished.

      Logistic & Delivery System

    Franchised Qualification

      • 01

        25 ~ 40 years old (male needs to finish military service), with senior high school (including occupational high school) education or above, and high interest in tea drinks business.

      • 02

        Contract term for 3 years.

      • 03

        Those are able to identify with TEATOP brand, product corporate culture and business philosophy.

      • 04

        Those have enthusiastic and optimistic personality, confidence and ambition, with good credit record.

      • 05

        Those are willing to cooperate with the franchising headquarters’guidance for the management of operational strategies and concepts.

      • 06

        The franchisee must attend the educational training in person and pass the examination.

      • 07

        Needing to be involved in the operation of full time and full dedication to the operation, the best partner is husband and wife team.

      • 01

        Start-up reserve

      • 02

        Submit team data

      • 03

        People who can identify with TEATOP's brand, products, corporate culture and business philosophy

      • 04

        People who has enthusiastic and optimistic personality, confidence and ambition, with good credit history.

      • 05

        People who is willing to cooperate with the management, operation strategy and concept of franchise headquarters.

      • 06

        Franchisee must participate in the educational training personally, and must pass the assessment.

      • 07

        Must be full-time participation in operation and dedication to operation, the best partner is husband and wife.

    • Domestic Branch
      Domestic Branch
      (國內)TeaTop_三角s (國內)TeaTop_街邊店s
    • Foreign Branch
      Foreign Branch


    Deep ploughed in Taiwan, the first choice of to-go hand-shaken tea to expand globally.

    TEA TOP takes deep ploughing in Taiwan as the original aspiration for 15 years. From tea leaves to stores, townships to cities, it promotes its beloved land and upholds the faith of loving Taiwan for continuous operation locally, never give up.

    In an opportunity across overseas, it secured a foothold in Northern California, the United States in 2015, and won praise from all sides. It marched into S. California, Texas, Georgia and Maryland in 2017. Let everyone in every corner of the world can drink a mouthful of Taiwan tea.