"Five-star tea drinks, street stall price" is our feature of self-publicity. TEA TOP is recognized by the market for its high service quality of tea drinks. We invite you to be our good partner!

  • Future prospects

    Future prospects

    The headquarters provide internal entrepreneurial opportunities with funds, and take risks with you to grow with your profit. Through intrapreneurship and a number of multiple expansions of stores, owning a number of stores to achieve the annual salary of millions is not a dream!

  • The existing resources

    The existing resources

    The headquarters have a complete educational training and store expansion development plan, with the marketing planning team to help the brand promotion and challenge higher level future development opportunities.

  • Entrepreneurial qualification

    Entrepreneurial qualification

    Any person should be assigned by the head office to each store for three-month training, during which the supervisor periodically reviews the learning progress and evaluates the ability. The qualification for intrapreneur can only be obtained through complete training.

  • Advanced welfare

    Advanced welfare

    Travel at home and abroad every year, regular fellowship dinner, senior lecturers hired for self-improvement, subsidy for non-business functional courses, enterprise visits.

  • Safe and secure

    Safe and secure

    According Labor Standards Act, labor insurance, health care insurance, group insurance, annual leave, overtime pay, festivals and year-end bonus are planned completely, so that you won’t worry about your starting business.


  • 獎金 / 禮品類

    獎金 / 禮品類

    • 年終獎金
    • 三節獎金/禮品
    • 生日禮金
    • 結婚禮金
  • 保險類


    • 勞保
    • 健保
    • 員工團保
  • 休閒類


    • 部門聚餐
    • 慶生會
    • 國內/外員工旅行
  • Join TEA TOP

    Carry forward the Oriental tea culture and become a world-class enterprise in tea and beverage industry

  • 制度類


    • 員工制服
    • 績效獎金
    • 訂婚假、符合勞基法的假期
    • 完整的教育訓練
    • 順暢的升遷管道
  • 設備類


    • 員工餐廳
  • 補助類


    • 外縣市居住者提供宿舍或津貼補助